Our Evangelist

"Greetings and blessings! My name is Luis Montalvo, and I am 30 years old. I am from the island of Puerto Rico and the fruit of missionary work. The Lord Jesus saved me at the age of 14 and, since then, I have lived telling His Gospel and wanting everyone to know Him. I understood His calling a few years later and, abandoning my secular college career, I went to prepare to serve full time in His work. Since 2014 I have been busy serving as an evangelist."

"Hello, my name is Angie Montalvo, and I am 28 years old. I am from the country of Colombia, and am also the fruit of missions. I was saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus at 19 years of age; I am eternally grateful to the Lord for His mercy and love! From that moment I began to serve him by getting involved in various ministries at the local church. I finally understood that God wanted to do more with my life, and I surrendered to His plan in 2015. So, I went to prepare for ministry, finished my degree in 2020 and serve alongside my husband."

"Today, we serve with Nicaragua Baptist Missions in various capacities and are excited to work with other believers who love God and are spiritually ambitious, wanting to live for Christ and His kingdom."


At NBM, we:

  • Evangelize through both one-one and campaigns alongside the local churches.

  • Edify through making disciples that grow spiritually within the local churches.

  • Educate through our 3 year program Bible Institute and our 2 year program Seminar.

  • Equip through monthly support, resources, practical courses, pastoral training, etc.

  • Encourage through good communication, frequent field visits and partnership in church and community events.

  • Enrich through mentoring and counseling with motivation as they journey the church planting ministry.



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